Meier MWST- und Zollberatung

Christoph M. Meier

Well advised on VAT and customs issues

You know your market – we know the national and international rules of the game when it comes to VAT, customs, Incoterms® and fiscal representation. Our business is to support you in these areas so that you can focus on your own business.

Major hurdles even for small companies

Even small companies face major challenges as soon as they start to conduct cross-border business. Because depending on the transaction, complex questions quickly arise around value added taxes as well as customs clearance and delivery terms.

In this context, experience regularly confirms a bon mot: ‘Ignorance does not protect against punishment’. Even the smallest carelessness can constitute a breach of the rules that puts a strain on the wallet. And because hardly a year goes by without laws changing, it is a very demanding task to keep track of everything and take all requirements into account. Realistically, only professionals are capable of doing this.

Success factor taxes

For this reason, we accompany and advise you and your company in all matters relating to VAT, customs and delivery terms. In addition, we also provide you with practical support by carrying out fiscal representations on your behalf. You can benefit from our long-time expertise along the entire value chain.

The sooner you contact us, the greater the scope for action. We would be happy to show you how correct tax processing can become an entrepreneurial success factor.

The best approach for your business?

Let us find out together!