Our social commitments

So far, we have supported out of conviction the work of the following institutions, among others:


Lab-Ora Stiftung

https://www.lab-ora.ch/ – Because the team of this foundation inspires, motivates and coaches us. Many other business people and companies should also discover the encouraging message of Biblical and Christian values and the power of prayer in the workplace!

IVCG Internationale Vereinigung Christlicher Geschäftsleute und Führungskräfte

https://www.ivcg.org/ as well as their publication «gomagazin – Take the lead!»
https://gomagazin.de/ – Because we are internationally networked with business people. Many other colleagues should also benefit from this!

Jugendhaus Seewis

https://www.jhs.ch/ – Because we could enjoy relaxing holidays there with our family and because the team is committed to create a heavenly atmosphere. Many other people and families, even those with a small budget, should also be able to enjoy it!

youthnet SPM

https://youthnet.ch/ – Because our founder and business owner has children of his own and is grateful for other people and organisations that are working for the healthy growth of children and teenagers. We want many other children, teenagers and families to enjoy it too!

Verein Mumias Kids Centre

https://www.mumias.ch/ – Because our founder and business owner has a family with children himself and is grateful for this. For many children, a home with comfort and security in a family is unfortunately not a matter of course. In Kenya, too, many children should receive a future with hope in this orphanage!

Stiftung Wendepunt

https://www.wende.ch/ – Because we value their work very much and because this foundation stands up for people and helps those in need to reintegrate into working life and to become independent in everyday life!

Life On Stage Schweiz

https://lifeonstage.com/ – Because these inspiring musicals about true life stories are still to be experienced by many people!